• Dave Dutton

Being Frank...

Did a great play at top Manchester arts hub 53.two last week in which I played the eponymous Frank in To Be Frank by Sophie Poulston - a great new playwright who will soon be writing for telly.

Frank is a grumpy Northerner married to mithering Maureen who flaps when she hears her beloved son Michael is bringing his latest girlfriend Joanne home for dinner. She doesn't put knives and forks out because she's seen people eating with the fingers on Karl Pilkington's travel shows!!

I'll not spoil it in case you ever get to see it (do) but the happy family gathering soon turned dark and there's a wicked deed involving an innocent goldfish which Maureen has used as a "trendy" centrepiece for the dinner table.

The play was part of a brilliant 3 day event of plays, music, art and poetry called #mancmade and it's hoped to be an annual event.

My fellow actors were Pat Jones, Scott Cooper and Lucy Hird. We rehearsed it and put it on in 10 days. Director was Paige Gadsby.

Photo copyright @rachellemoose


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